confusedCancelled?   Rates skyrocket?   Outrageous deductible?

Welcome to I Lost My Health Insurance blog and web site.  We hope that you will feel comfortable telling your story on this web site and, more than that, we will be able to help you discover affordable options other than those available through the government web sites.

We do want to hear your story, and to publish it for the rest of the public to hear.  We know that there are many frustrated people out there, losing their insurance, and with little opportunity to tell their story, to describe the hardship being caused by the radical changes taking place.  There are just too many stories to be told in short clips on radio stations and the few TV stations willing to do so, but we believe that these events are momentous and too important to ignore.

To that end, while we may edit your post for language, if the facts are accurate we will be very happy to publish your story.  Furthermore, if you have been able to find replacement insurance, better or worse than you had previously, we’d like to report on that story as well, so please submit your comments.

To post your story, please register.  You will be sent a password via email so you must use a valid email address when registering.  You may then add your story and we suggest that you do not use your last name in your posts, but if you have photos of those affected by your health insurance plan changes, positively or negatively, it will make your story that much more meaningful if you include a photo.

Thank you for coming to this web site.  We are doing our best to get it up and running as quickly as possible without spending $1,000,000.  We will also shortly be building a sister site which will provide links to various health insurance alternatives.

For The Media

We can be contacted by using our contact form.  If you wish to communicate with someone who has submitted their story we will be happy to forward your contact information to them but we will leave it in their hands as to whether they wish to contact you.